Welcome to the website of With a touch of Rose, the Fairtrade baby brand. We design and produce baby articles to carry, store and care. Practical and no-nonsense. Made of organic and Fairtrade certified cotton. The purchase of this product enables the improvement of living and working conditions of Cotton Producers and encourages environmental protection.

The products are honest, pure, fresh and sustainable. Like children, they are also honest, pure and have still a whole life to live. Therefore the products are made for children, here as well as in India. Dutch pages


Hello Poland
Meet our products at Kids' Time, that takes place from February 23th till 25th. Booth number D-4. Read more.

New product by With a touch of Rose
With a touch of Rose introduces the must-have for every parent: a large burp cloth. And above all we go even a step further into the sustainability chain. Read more.

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With a touch of Rose offers pragmatic, no-nonsense baby products. All products are made in India from organic and Fairtrade cotton.